Two-day ‘Springsteen’ concert planned for Croke Park won’t impact Garth Brooks gigs

A two-day outdoor concert being planned for Croke Park next April will not prevent Garth Brooks playing three concerts and possibly an additional two several months later at the same venue, local authority officials have revealed.

Dublin City Council received an application last month to hold the outdoor event licence on Saturday and Sunday April 23 and 24 by Aiken Promotions for an internationally known act.

Highly placed planning sources have indicated that the application is being made to allow Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band return to play here.

The planning year to allow for outdoor concerts being held begins after the month of April annually and a result will not impact on the three gigs being proposed by Brooks and Aiken Promotions which are at an advanced stage with council officials and Croke Park management.

Under planning law, three concerts per year (planning law year) can be held at Croke Park. The mooted additional two concerts proposed by Brooks’ team would be subject to a fresh outdoor application which council sources indicate will “be examined thoroughly and will take into consideration all vested interests.” 

When questioned on whether the concert application is connected to Brooks’ planned gigs, a council spokesperson said: “The outdoor event licence application for April is a standalone application and is still under consideration by the council.

“A decision will be made in respect of this application in due course.

“Dublin City Council has no comment in respect of speculation relating to any specific artist at Croke Park in 2022.”

The council spokesperson declined to reveal what band or singer would be appearing but added: “The artist details are commercially sensitive at this time.”

Former Dublin Lord Mayor and Independent councillor Christy Burke who was involved in attempting to broker a deal to end the last impasse over Brooks’ concert with local residents representative groups, such as the Croke Park Residents Association, seven years ago said he welcomed the proposed concerts.

“As long as the planning laws are in order and are updated then of course I would like to see the concerts being held. All the parties involved, including the residents’ representatives, should be consulted when required and their needs considered.

“For the last 18 months there’s been so much darkness and loneliness due to the pandemic. This is a window of opportunity for so many which brings so much to so many. 

“A financial injection of this sort will support the service sectors involved whether it is those running a mobile chipper, the man or woman selling water or hotels and guest houses.” Under Planning and Development Regulations any person can make a submission or observation in writing to the local authority in respect of an application within three weeks of the receipt of the application by the local authority.

The council spokesperson added: “A submission or observation shall not be considered by the local authority unless it states the name of the person or organisation making the submission or observation, and indicates the residential or business address to which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent.”

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