Tips for keeping the anxiety inducing aspects of social media in check

A major chunk of our lives these days is connected to social media, be it for work or personal engagement. While there are a lot of positive aspects of these platforms, they have also become a source of anxiety, especially for generations who have grown up with this technology. Experts are predicting that the negative impacts will be even higher for the coming generations. There is no way of reversing the technology but we can develop techniques to ensure a healthy relationship with it.

As part of TED’s How to Deal with Difficult Feelings series, TED curator, Cloe Shasha Brooks talks to author Naomi Shimada about the various tips that one can use to ensure your peace of mind and reflect on the anxiety inducing impacts of social media.

Naomi Shimada engages deeply with people to understand what connects us all. Through her modeling, podcasting, radio and book writing work, she imagines a more viable and just future that’s full of tenderness and care. She spends her life learning and being inquisitive about the things that bring people together. Shimada coauthored Mixed Feelings, a book that explores the emotional impact of our digital habits and takes a closer look at what happens to us when we use our apps. Her podcast, Beauty Fix, is a curious dip into the world of beauty where she speaks to people about their perspectives on the world and seeks to understand what beauty means to them.

Curator Cloe Shasha Brooks discovers speakers for TED’s stage, video and podcast programmes and oversees TED’s pool of speaker nominations that come in from all over the world. She curates in a variety of fields, with an international focus on culture, social justice, literature and humor. Her background is in journalism and cognitive psychology.

The ideas that if we don’t post, we don’t exist and the pressure for constant filtered perfection exasperates individual anxiety. For this the key advice Shimada gives is to ask questions before posting. Your answer to why you are posting will do most of the ground work for you and give you the map for when to take a step back. Listen to the full conversation to equip yourself with the tools you need to maintain a healthy mental health.

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