Sajid Javid blasts Nicki Minaj’s ‘ridiculous tweets’ about Covid jabs


ajid Javid has blasted Nicki Minaj for spreading “untruths” over the coronavirus vaccine.

The health secretary spoke out against the singer on Wednesday morning after she tweeted that the wedding of a “cousin’s friend” in Trinidad was called off because his testicles swelled up after a jab.

Mr Javid was asked about Minaj’s “baseless” tweet and whether it should be deleted by social media companies.

He told Sky News: “I don’t want to draw attention to such ridiculous tweets.

“People that are in the public eye whether they are a celebrity or a politician or whoever they are should be very careful with their language and certainly shouldn’t be spreading untruths.”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he added: “Certainly when it comes to something as lifesaving as vaccines – in this country there are 112,000 fewer deaths we estimate because of our vaccine programme – they should be really careful about what they say and not spread untruths.”

Good Morning Britain anchor Richard Madeley labelled the rapper “an idiot” for her “ridiculous” vaccine tweet.

Commenting on the show on Tuesday, he said: “What an idiot, she has no comprehension that that ridiculous tweet actually does do real damage.”

Minaj appeared to backtrack on Twitter on Tuesday morning following a mock video posted by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Played over the artist’s Super Bass music video, its lyrics joke: “I said excuse me the plight of this man should be told to my 20 plus million fans.”

Retweeting the clip, Minaj wrote: “I never cited that as a reason I didn’t get vaccinated. The lie is so funny/entertaining though.”

It came after a bizarre war of words broke out between Minaj and Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

Mr Johnson said he was “not as familiar with the work” of the rapper while Professor Chris Whitty called the star “ridiculous” in a Downing Street conference after she suggested a link between Covid vaccines and impotence in a tweet on Monday.

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