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The Australian Roving Editor Bernard Lane says parents of a young child want a “clear ruling” from the Supreme Court regarding their child’s transition, so when they exercise “caution”, they will not be face potentially having their child removed from their care.

It comes as a young minor in Western Australia was taken away from their parents by the Children’s Court.

The parents set to appeal the decision on Tuesday in the Supreme Court.

The child had made the decision to biologically transition from female to male, but the parents wanted to explore an alternative discussion into reasons for the gender ‘uncertainty’ and were concerned over the safety of the transition.

“I suppose they want a clear ruling that when parents excise what they see as normal caution in the face of risky medical intervention,” Mr Lane told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“Which there is a lot of debate, a lot of controversy, that those parents can’t be ruled to be abusive or neglectful or have their child removed.”

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