Irish company helps school girls get ‘skorted’ with school uniform they want to wear

Irish Examiner columnist Alison Curtis was on hand to make school uniform magic happen for Irish girls around the country. Mum of three Ciara White wrote to Curtis to see if she could help solve a conundrum. 

“Hey Alison,” she wrote. “Could I ask if you could put it out there if there are any Irish companies that make girl’s charcoal grey uniform skorts? I have a 10-year-old that is asking me why she can’t wear one for school and I don’t want to tell her that I can’t find anyone who makes them!”

Curtis told us that she was delighted to try to help Ciara. “I actually got very heavily invested in this! 

“Ciara has three primary age daughters and none of them wants to wear skirts to school! She took it for granted that skorts would be an easy thing to find but they weren’t!

I think it’s essential that all children have a choice in clothing they can wear to school that will make them feel comfortable and confident. Skorts give however want to wear”

“I have three girls who love wearing skirts, love doing cartwheels, love jumping around,” explained White. “They wear skorts for sport, so I got to thinking, is there one for a uniform? But I couldn’t find one anywhere! I tried uniform suppliers, big-name brands, but they don’t seem to exist!”

On Saturday’sWeekend Breakfast, Curtis put out a call to Irish businesses that might be able to help and into the breach stepped Carmel from A Clare woman living in Limerick, she rang the show explaining that they can custom make skorts to order.”

“We need to find the fabric you want and the design and the colour of course. 

“Yay! I’m really happy. We are skorted!”

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