ICU COVID patients ‘some of the sickest’ nurses have seen

Liverpool Hospital Intensive Care Nurse Manager Michelle Dowd has shared what intensive care nurses and COVID patients are experiencing, urging people to get vaccinated.

She said the intensive care unit has been divided, separating COVID patients and non-COVID patients because “the Delta variant is just that contagious”.

“Intensive care patients need one-on-one nursing care. They need to be monitored really closely so that we can respond immediately in case they deteriorate,” Ms Dowd said.

“These patients are some of the sickest we’ve ever seen – they require so much support and monitoring and physical care.

“We’re in layers of PPE, sometimes for hours at a time. This is really physically hard work.

“If you haven’t booked your vaccine, please, go out today and book that vaccination, follow the health orders, help us as your frontline health care workers to keep patients out of hospital.”

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