Garda probe into ‘affray involving two rival factions’ in Co Limerick town

Gardaí are investigating a number of violent disturbances in the town of Kilmallock, Co Limerick, involving a number of feuding families.

Rival groups clashed with weapons, windows were smashed in a house, and cars were damaged, during the melee last Sunday.

A number of videos circulating online purport to show groups of men smashing windows in a house in the town, however, it is believed the wrong house was targeted.

Another video shows a large crowd gathered in an estate in the town, and a loud bang is heard.

In this video, a female asks another woman watching the crowd, “Is there guns there?”, and the other female responds, “there was guns there a while ago because a shot went off”.

One woman can be heard telling a child to leave the area “because you are too young to be looking at that”.

The video shows gardaí at the scene and a uniformed officer trying to calm the crowd.

When asked for comment, the Garda Press Office replied on Wednesday that there were “no reports matching“ shots being fired in Kilmallock last Sunday.

The Garda spokesman added there were no gunshots “recorded on our system at this time”.

However, gardaí confirmed they had responded to the scene of “an affray, involving two rival factions”, last Sunday.

Local gardaí “requested assistance” and a number of Garda units from neighbouring districts as well as armed gardaí were deployed to the town.

The source said gardaí were examining CCTV cameras in Kilmallock, as well as several videos that have been shared on social media, to try to identify those involved.

The violence began around 8pm on Sunday night and continued for a number of hours.

Gardai have been “actively patrolling” the town since in a bid to keep a lid on tensions between the rival families “and try to curb these activities”.

A Garda spokesman said: “A number of Garda units, including the regional Armed Support Unit, responded to public order incidents at approximately 8pm on Sunday 12th September 2021 in the Kilmallock area of Co.Limerick.” 

“The situation was calmed after a period of time, by local gardaí and no arrests were made. 

“No reports of injuries have been made at this stage and a number of incidents are being actively investigated.” A local source said tensions had been rising between rival groups in the town for a number of days, culminating in a number of incidents last weekend.

Another video, which gardaí have seen and are examining, shows a number of people armed with sticks and shovels and hurleys involved in clashes in different parts of the town.

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