Don’t put Greece on amber-plus list, it’s safe, begs tourism minister


he tourism minister of Greece has urged the UK not to put the country on the amber plus travel list as quarantine fears mount among holidaymakers.

Harry Theoharis insisted “Greece is a safe country” for tourists and should remain on the amber list.

Infections have increased almost sevenfold over the past three weeks, with almost 2,700 reported last week.

But its 14 day case rate per 100,000 inhabitants is still far below that of the UK, at 167 compared to 440.

“We should remain on the amber list. We certainly hope that the data supports our view,” Mr Theoharis told Sky News.

“Greece is a safe country. Our vaccination drive and programme continues unabated… Close to 60 per cent of the adult population has been vaccinated.”

The minister also said Greece is not experiencing high rates of Covid coming in from the UK and other tourists.

“We don’t see that there is a high incidence at our borders,” he said.

“Our rates are only 0.01 up to 0.09 per cent in the previous days so we don’t see a high incidence in people coming at our airports or at our land borders. But the increase in mobility in the summer and also the Delta Variant is spread very quickly. It has increased the number of cases throughout Europe.

“This is not just about the southern countries or the tourist countries, this is about every country.”

Ancient Acropolis archeological site in Athens, Greece

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