Best Travel Hair Towel from Aquis

Scouting Report: The Aquis Copper Sure™ Rapid Dry Hair Wrap helps dry your hair faster and better than your regular ol’ towel. The unique fabric is a blend of polyester and nylon to help cut down on breakage.

The second I get out of the shower, one of the first things I do is wring my hair out as much as possible, and then twist it into a towel to keep it off my shoulders. I can’t stand the feeling of sopping wet hair on my skin, and I like to have it out of the way, where it can start getting dry, immediately. This is exactly why I basically can’t live without this Aquis Copper Sure™ Rapid Dry Hair Wrap, which is something I love so much that I take it everywhere.

Aquis Copper Sure® Rapid Dry Hair Wrap

It’s made with the brand’s signature AQUITEX™ fabric, a blend of polyester and nylon that wicks away moisture and cuts your drying time in half. This sounds gimmicky, I know, but it truly does dry my hair faster than any other hair towel I’ve used. Your hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, so too much rubbing or brushing can harm it, and using heat styling tools on very wet hair can also lead to more damage. This towel lets me dry my hair quicker, without the need for excess rubbing, which can create so much frizz and breakage, allowing it to dry on its own while locking in shine and moisture.

When I use this towel, I usually get as much water as I can out of my hair, flip my head over, gently run this towel over my hair, and then wrap it around. I leave it in for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what I’m doing, and when I unwrap, my hair is frizz-free and much more dry than it had been. It stays on without much effort (there’s a snap at the nape of the neck), so there’s no surprise unraveling while doing chores or chasing after a toddler.

And while hair towels are not new, the technology behind this new Aquis Copper Sure™ towel is. The trademarked Copper Sure™ antimicrobial technology is clinically proven to repel bacteria. This means that not only is your towel cleaner even after use, but you also don’t need to wash it as often. Less laundry time means that your hair towel itself will last longer, which is definitely a good thing.

Lastly, I love that this towel is the perfect size. I’ve been using a version of the Aquis hair towels for years on my hair, no matter how long or short I decide to cut it. I even saved the little bag it comes in to fold it up and place it in my suitcase whenever I go away anywhere—it barely takes up space, but even if it did, it would be worth it.

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