Ballarat lockdown ‘disappointing’ but the community ‘knows what they have to do’

Shadow Infrastructure Minister Catherine King says Wednesday’s announcement that Ballarat is being thrown into a seven-day lockdown is “disappointing” but the community “knows what we have to do”.

“It is disappointing, we’ve obviously been out since Friday, so we’ve just had the five days where we’ve been out of lockdown and sort of life starting to return a little bit, but we know what we have to do,” Ms King told Sky News Australia.

“We’ve got to do I guess what Shepparton did, they’ve got on top of theirs, they’ve started to come out of lockdown, and we’ve hopefully got just seven days if we can get on top of it.

“And I know many people in Ballarat, they are lining up, getting tested at the moment, the testing times are getting a little longer.”

Ms King said residents are “just desperate to get appointments” for vaccinations but there has not been enough supply to meet the demand, which has been consistent and “frustrating”.

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